Issues with Drainage in Tunbridge Wells and the Surrounding Areas

Domestic and commercial clients in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas can rely on our expert plumbers and bathroom fitters to carry out a variety of repair and installation services. This ranges from fitting a brand-new kitchen or bathroom, to replacing boilers or central heating systems. Our team is fully-trained to meet industry and building regulations for any plumbing or cleaning job we do. We specialise in resolving common drainage issues and using power flushing devices to keep your property running efficiently.


Common Drainage Issues


There are many ways that properties in and around Tunbridge Wells can encounter poor drainage and plumbing, including grease, fat, debits and silt blockages. At Ansell Plumbing, Heating and Drainage, our plumbers and bathroom fitters use CCTV technology to determine the cause of problematic drainage systems. Once this has been identified, high-pressure jet washers can be used to effectively clear away blockages without delay.


• Grease and Fat


Remnants of grease and fat can often cause gullies and inspection chambers to get clogged, however large quantities of grease or fat that is disposed of down a sink can create regular drainage problems. Alternatively, our plumbers and bathroom fitters recommend pouring excess grease and fat into a container once it has cooled, then disposing of it safely with a refuse company.


• Silt


Gullies are designed to prevent silt (fine deposits of fine sand or clay) from entering the drain. However, older properties in Tunbridge Wells with shared drainage systems are at risk of silt build-ups, which can result in overflows and flooding.


• Debris


Another problem that can occur is when items such as children’s toys or sanitary waste are flushed down the toilet, which block drains easily.


Benefits of Power Flushing Systems


In a similar way to drainage problems experienced by property owners in Tunbridge Wells, boilers and central heating systems are susceptible to a build-up of grime. Over time, this will cause damage that may require the entire system to be replaced. However, our plumbers and bathroom fitters recommend installing a power flushing system to avoid this from happening.


The grime that accumulates in boilers and central heating systems is the reaction of air, water and pipe elements mixing together to create lime scale and sludge. To avoid this, the professional team of plumbers and bathroom fitters carry out a power flushing service for clients in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. Power flushing involves a machine that connects to boilers and applies pressure with cleaning chemicals to tackle lime scale and sludge, as well as preventing further corrosion.


Here are some of the benefits that Tunbridge Wells clients can experience with power flushing:


• Extends the lifespan of boilers by reducing the need for entire replacements

• Lowers utility bills as power flushing makes central heating systems energy-efficient

• Stops loud, ‘kettling’ noises from creating a disturbance

• Improves the time it takes to heat up water and makes radiators hotter


For professional plumbers and bathroom fitters in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, call 01892 672 299 or 07818 461 067.

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